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Privacy & Security
On-line Adaptive Clothing Store takes your privacy very seriously. Whatever information you share with our company remains confidential. We will never sell your information to third parties, nor will we use it for any purpose other than processing and shipping your purchase. Adaptive Clothing Store values your privacy, and that is why we operate under the following privacy principles:
—We only require information necessary to process and ship your order. Other information entered into our form is strictly optional. We will use this information to improve your customer experience, but it is not necessary and will never be misused.
—Your information will only be shared for compliance within the law, improvement and development of our on-line operations, and to protect the rights of our business.
—Your information will never be stored on our servers unless required for an ongoing service.

Our Policy
This statement outlines the privacy policy of www.adaptiveclothingstore.ca. It explains the information we collect, the ways in which we use that information, and correcting and changing information. Here, we address the activities of our servers. Linked sites and third-party websites will have their own privacy policies, which are neither associated with, nor controlled by Adaptive Clothing Store.

General information
Our website displays links to partner sites, advertisers, and third-party websites that may potentially collect information connected to sweepstakes, special promotions, sales, e-commerce, and more. Each website has own policies, practices, and procedures that are in no way affiliated with MajesticCollar.com. We accept no responsibility and are not liable for the policies of these independent websites or for their action, policies, practices, or content.
Remember that the disclosure of your personal information to any website may result in the collection of your data, which then may be used by those websites and others. Disclosing your information might result in unsolicited e-mails from third parties. We take every possible measure to protect our customers’ privacy, but we cannot guarantee the security of you information. Offering your personal information is done so at your own personal risk. It is your responsibility to maintain the security of passwords and other important account information. Please practice caution and responsibility when using the Internet.

Information Uses
The information we collect, both that which is volunteered by you (the site user) and through the use of cookies is a collection of aggregated data, meaning it is grouped together for many users without disclosing the personal information or identity of those users. Adaptive Clothing Store utilizes this information to evaluate the success of our products and services. We use this information to determine which products to continue making available on our website. We may use anonymous click stream data to help in the delivery of targeted advertisements. Any information collected through voluntary action or the use of cookies will never be shared or used in any way other than those outlined in this privacy policy. www.adaptiveclothingstore.ca will not share customer information without the customer’s express consent, except in compliance with the law and valid legal actions. We reserve the right to use your information in accordance with our practices for promotions and telemarketing. We may also share your information with third-party associates assisting with our site design and those who provide services to our site users.

Contacting Us
Should you have questions or concerns regarding our Privacy Policy, practices relating to the use of your personal information, or your interaction with our website, please e-mail us. We are here to answer any questions you may have about our site, products, policies, and practices. Do not hesitate to contact us. We want to hear from you, and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. It is our goal to always provide quality customer service.

When you participate in interactive activities on the internet, participants are often asked to register for a free subscription account, complete with user ID and password for access to the website, accounts, subscriptions, and more. www.adaptiveclothingstore.ca uses the information provided from registration to e-mail company information and promotions from our company and partners to our customers. Your financial information will not be saved or shared and will only be used to complete and ship your order. You information will also be used in the event that we need to contact you for the purpose of customer service issues. We do retain unique identifiers, such as your user ID and password to simply verify the customer’s identity within our system.

Cookies are simple data records collected to track the pages you have visited on a website and other activities you might participate in on those sites. Cookies, however, can retain no more data that what you volunteer. Cookies typically assign a unique number to each user. This number means nothing beyond the site that is using it for tracking purposes. Cookies are not incapable of reading data saved to your computer, nor can they read the cookie files assigned by other websites. Cookies simply allow sites like www.adaptiveclothingstore.ca  to track how often customers do certain things on our site, such as the number of visits over a period of time, even if we do not know exactly who those specific customers are. Cookies are also utilized to track your shopping cart, to enhance your ad experience by delivering specific content catering to your interests and no showing the same ads over and over again. We also use cookies to save your user ID.
If you plan to become a repeat customer, cookies enable you to elect to save the personal information you have provided to us so that you do not have to re-enter this information every time you use our website. This action is optional, but you must indicate that your do not want these details saved when prompted. We, however, must make you aware that www.adaptiveclothingstore.ca has no control over the usage of cookies by advertisers or third parties. If you don’t want your data collected and used, you can go into your browser and change your settings to turn off cookies. You should only do this if the use of certain features is not important to your user experience, as cookies are often required to utilize some website features.

Return, Exchange & Refund Policy
Adaptive Clothing Store aims at providing complete customer satisfaction with your retail experience, as well as a totally positive experience with the products that you purchase from us for your beloved one. We therefore have plenty of leeway and flexibility built into our terms and conditions so that your customer experience will be a great one.

What if you want to return a product?
We require that your returned item matches the following criteria:
The item or items has / have not been used
The item or items must be in its / their original, undamaged packaging – in a condition that you yourself would expect to receive it when the item is delivered to you, and in a condition that makes it re-sellable when it is returned to us
The item or items must be received at our location by us 21 days after it was delivered to you
2. Subject to and notwithstanding all of our related and unrelated clauses of this return, exchange and refund policy, compliance with the following conditions is essential before Adaptive Clothing Store will enter into an exchange, refund or provision of an online credit note.
2.2 All items that are returned must be in their original packaging and their original condition. Merchandise must be completely unaltered, unworn, unwashed and it must retain any tags that it had attached. Adaptive Clothing Store reserves the right to refuse a refund to any customer whose product or products do not meet these conditions.
2.3 If you intend to return the item, you must indicate this intention within seven days of the date of delivery of the merchandise to you. If you want to return the item, simply fill in our RMA (Returns & Exchange) form and send it back to us within this seven day interim. To do this, go to our web site and click the Contact Us link to complete the form with the required fields and put “request RMA for return” as the Subject, which will convert your message into the Returns form. Please indicate the list of items and the reasons for your return of those items in the Message section. Within a 24 hour or one day period of our receiving your request, you will receive from us an RMA number.
2.4. The merchandise must be received by Adaptive Clothing Store within a 21 day period from the time it has been delivered to you.
ADDRESS: 1320 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg MB R3G 0V2
2.5 The items must be received by Adaptive Clothing Store in their original condition. It is therefore advisable that you take any precautions and repackage the merchandise to ensure that it is in a condition fit for transit, wherein any damage to the products on their return journey is mitigated. Adaptive Clothing Store will not honor refunds for damaged goods. In the event of damage during the transport of the merchandise, the postal service may be liable if evidence is provided that the damage occurred during transit.
3. Any returns or exchanges that do not meet the time periods that are cited in points 2.3 and 2.4 may still be honored by Adaptive Clothing Store – but only at their discretion. In the event of this occurrence, online store credit will be made available.
Return Delivery Liability and Charge
4. It is advisable that you return items by recorded and insured delivery, retaining all of the records to prove your postage. Adaptive Clothing Store will accept no liability for lost or damaged merchandise. It is your responsibility to ensure the safe return of any products.
5. Where items are returned or exchanged because of the size being incorrect, you are liable for all delivery charges, including the return postage.
6. Only items that are faulty will have their postage costs reimbursed. Furthermore, if we have a replacement item for a faulty product, you will not be charged for delivery on the replacement.
7. If more than one item is not as has been described or has a fault, all of these items must be returned together. If all the items are placed under one order, Adaptive Clothing Store will reimburse the postage costs of one return delivery only.
Change of Size
8. In the event of an incorrect sizing issue, Adaptive Clothing Store offers an exchange of the same item only of a different size. There are no refunds provided, and no other products might be exchanged or credit notes extended. Any price differences in terms of extra costs – whether they relate to postage or to the item itself – must be payable by the purchaser. However, in the event that the costs are lower than the original costs – relating specifically to the item in question – then Adaptive Clothing Store will exchange a credit note.
9. In the event of non availability of any product due to a lack of stock, you will receive a credit note for the item alone, and not for postage.
10. Unless otherwise outlined in writing to you Adaptive Clothing Store exercises its discretion in making available one exchange per item.
Statutory Rights
12. Careful inspection of all merchandise is carried out before we ship our products. However, in the event that you receive wrongly described, none functioning or faulty goods, the following options can be availed of:
12.1. A refund;
12.2. A like for like exchange, if available
13. Any items that are returned must be in adherence with Clauses 1 and 2 above.
14. Both store credit and a credit for delivery will be provided by Adaptive Clothing Store in the event that merchandise is unavailable.
Store Credits
15. Store credits have a 12 month period of grace from their date of issue before they expire.
16. Store credits can neither be transferred nor refunded.
Processing your Returned Items
17. Please adhere to our returns policy and refrain from returning items without first contacting us and awaiting our acknowledgment in accordance with our terms in Clause 2. Failure to comply with our terms may result in Adaptive Clothing Store not being held responsible for honoring returns. Further, Adaptive Clothing Store will not be held to account over failures or delays in delivery or postage issues.
18. In adherence to Clauses 1, 2 and 3, quality control checks must be undertaken by Adaptive Clothing Store on original items before exchanged items are sent for delivery.
19. You should not place a new order for items that you want in exchange: This will result in a charge to your credit card. Adaptive Clothing Store will then issue a store credit in place of exchanging your returned items.
20. The interim between requests for refunds and the refunds themselves depend on PayPal.
21. We strongly recommend that our customers examine all garments and products when they are delivered before any packaging is removed, and before the removal of any attached tags and before the disposal of any original packaging.
22. If our conditions are not satisfied under the returns policy, Adaptive Clothing Store will notify you of this through your contact details. Adaptive Clothing Store will then offer to return your original item or items to you, with delivery costs covered by you. If you refuse the returned item or items, Adaptive Clothing Store can retain the items and the amount that you have paid for the items.
You must include the following with your returned merchandise, sent to the address with which we provide you:
• The Packing Slip or the Invoice
• Your RMA number written legibly or printed on the outside of the box

Non-Deliverable, Refused or Unclaimed Orders
23. In the event of issues related to shipping and delivery, Adaptive Clothing Store will make every effort to contact you through phone or email if correspondence is desired or necessary by the delivery service. However, if we do not receive a response, any further shipping charges due to delay or returns will be incurred by the customer. Unclaimed, refused or undelivered items will be the responsibility of the customer.

Terms and Conditions
Purchases via the Adaptive Clothing Store website and all other uses thereof, are conditional based on your (the customer’s) explicit acceptance of our established Terms and Conditions as outlined below. Any and uses of our website therefore constitutes your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. This site is owned and operated by Reliable Home Care Agency Inc., doing business as Adaptive Clothing Store.
The Terms and Conditions as outlined below shall govern all uses of the Adaptive Clothing Store website, all of the materials contained therein, and all services and customer purchases. By accepting the “I accept” prompt during checkout and/or by using or browsing this website, you agree to the binding nature of these outlined Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree with our Terms and Conditions, we ask that you please do not use or visit the Adaptive Clothing Store website.
Adaptive Clothing Store reserves the right to periodically, and at will, change the website including our Terms and Conditions. Please read the Terms and Conditions and please re-read them with each subsequent use of the Site. In the event that changes to our Terms and Conditions find you in disagreement, please stop using the Site immediately.

Newsletter Subscriptions-Main Page
We offer several free newsletter subscriptions to share information about our products and services with interested customers. Should you no longer wish to receive these newsletters, simply cancel by following the quick and easy instructions contained in each newsletter or e-mail. We don’t want to see you go, but if you find that you have no use for the newsletters or are simply not interested in our e-mails, we understand. We hope you will continue to visit the site as a customer in the future, however.